What Does a Cavity Feel Like?

June 30, 2024

Is a sudden tooth pain ruining your day? Whether it’s a fleeting pang or a continuous tingle on your teeth, toothache always kills the vibe. If you too are a victim of it, you must know what does a cavity feel like and the problems this unwanted guest can cause. This blog will go over the intricacies of tooth cavities along with their symptoms.

How to Tell If You Have a Cavity?

Dental cavities are caused by bacteria in plaque that produce acid in response to the sugar in meals. You may notice the following symptoms of a cavity if the decay advances to the point where it affects the softer tissues where the nerves and the dentin live:

1. Toothache

A cavity may result in severe, throbbing, or mild pain, especially when you consume hot, cold, or sweet foods or beverages. The discomfort might be intermittent or persistent. If not during meals, cavity pain can also occur when applying pressure to the teeth or biting down.

2. Holes in Your Teeth

When you have a cavity, the decayed area of your tooth may be visible as a little hole that you may feel with your tongue. So, sometimes, a cavity may feel like a little pit, dent, or hole in your tooth.

3. Bad Breath

When cavity occurs, bacteria spread and infiltrate your tooth, which not only weakens your tooth structure but also causes bad breath. You might notice it when you brush your teeth or clean your tongue. A cavity can also cause bad taste in your mouth.

4. Broken Teeth or Chips

You may have a cavity if you have a chip or a bigger crack in your tooth. This can occur when you chew on something tenacious, such as sweets, or when you fall on something hard. You should get a cavity repaired if your tooth is chipped or damaged so that the remaining portion of the tooth is not shattered.

What Does a Cavity Look Like?

Some cavities begin as a white or chalky look on the tooth’s enamel, however they are typically hard to spot in the early stages. Tooth decay in more advanced stages might seem discolored, either black or brown. Sometimes, there aren’t even any obvious signals, therefore in the absence of early cavity symptoms, a simple toothache be the only indicator of dental cavity.

Final Word!

We hope that this blog has helped you find out what does a cavity feel like. Remember, even if you don’t see or feel any clear indicators, regular checkups with your dentist can help you determine if you have a cavity or not.

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