Tooth Extractions in Troy, MI

Have you been suffering from unbearable tooth pain? If your tooth is severely infected or decayed, chances are you might need a tooth extraction. At Integrity Dental of Troy, we provide safe and painless tooth extractions in Troy, MI, with the aim of restoring your overall oral health. Dr. Viraj Shah is a skilled professional with years of experience performing this dental procedure, so you can rest assured that your care is in capable hands.

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    Tooth Extractions

    Why Is Tooth Extraction Required

    Our dental experts strive to preserve your natural teeth as long as possible. However, there are certain situations where tooth removal becomes unavoidable. At our Troy, MI, dental office, we may recommend extractions in the following cases:

    • Severe tooth damage: Once a tooth becomes grossly carious or decayed, it can cause severe pain, which can only be relieved with its removal.
    • Impaction: Teeth that remain impacted beneath the gums or jawbone can also lead to various complications, necessitating extraction.
    • Periodontal disease: Your teeth may become loose or mobile due to severe periodontal disease. Extraction may help preserve the health of remaining teeth.
    • Dental injuries: If a tooth becomes fractured or broken due to a high-impact injury, it may need to be removed to prevent pain and infection.

    Question About Tooth Extractions

    Process of Tooth Extractions In Troy, MI

    Getting a tooth extraction may seem unnerving, but the procedure is not as complicated as it may seem. Our dentists will evaluate your teeth and take dental X-rays to decide the treatment approach. We will start by anesthetizing your
    affected tooth and its surrounding areas.

    Once the tooth is numb, our dentist will gently loosen the tooth using manual instruments. If the tooth is impacted below the gum line, we will place a small incision to access it. After loosening the tooth within the socket, we will carefully extract it.

    Our dentist will clean the extraction socket and place a gauze to minimize bleeding. In case of a surgical extraction, we will place sutures to close the incision.

    Recovery After Tooth Extraction

    Usually, it takes a few days to recover after simple dental extractions in Troy, MI. You will be able to resume your daily routine, but we recommend special care regarding diet and oral hygiene to avoid any complications during the healing period. If you had surgical tooth removal, the recovery duration may span over 3 to 4 weeks. We suggest avoiding hard foods, smoking, and strenuous activities for a few days to allow the extraction socket to heal properly.


    Does a tooth extraction hurt?
    A tooth extraction is generally painless because your teeth are anesthetized before the procedure. However, you may feel slight pressure or discomfort for a short time.
    How long does it take to recover after tooth removal?
    You will likely recover within 10 to 14 days after a simple tooth extraction, although you can resume your routine activities after 1 to 2 days.
    What are my options for replacing a tooth after extraction?
    Depending on your needs, we may suggest replacement with a dental bridge, dental implant, or a partial denture.

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    My experience visiting Dr. Shah was great! He was honest, thorough and took all the time needed for my visit. He and his staff treated me like family!

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    Dr Viraj Shah and his team are Awesome 👍 highly recommend for any teeth problems. Thank you Dr for makes me feel better. …

    Hemali Shah

    Dr. Shah is amazing! Hands down the best dentist I’ve ever seen. His personality is truly one of a kind. I was seen today for an extraction and he made me feel comfortable.. Read More

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