Bone Grafting in Troy, MI

Dr. Viraj Shah and his qualified team at Integrity Dental of Troy consistently strive to bring the best treatment measures to improve your oral care journey. If you have experienced bone loss or are considering replacement with dental implants, you may benefit from our bone grafting procedure in Troy, MI. With this minimally invasive procedure, we can restore bone thickness and greatly increase the success of implant treatment.

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    Bone Grafting

    What Is Dental Bone Grafting

    Dental bone grafting is a minimally invasive procedure that replaces missing or lost bone thickness in the jaws and forms a strong foundation for dental implants. The placement of implants requires sufficient bone in the missing tooth area for proper stability. However, your jawbone naturally deteriorates over time after tooth loss. The longer the space remains empty, the greater the chance of bone loss.

    For this reason, our dental experts recommend bone grafting in Troy, MI. During this procedure, we place a natural or synthetic bone graft at the site of insufficient bone thickness. As the graft heals, it merges with the surrounding bone and also stimulates cells for healthy bone formation.

    Question About Bone Grafting

    Types of Bone Grafts In Troy, MI

    There are different types of bone grafts that can replenish your jawbones. During your initial consultation, our dentist will examine your oral cavity to determine which type will best suit your requirements. They include:

    • Autografts: It involves taking a graft from the parts of your own body, such as the chin, hip, jaw, etc.
    • Allografts: This type of graft is derived from another person and can be taken from a bone bank.
    • Xenografts: These grafts originate from living species other than human beings, such as pigs, cows, etc.
    • Alloplasts: These are biocompatible grafts that originate from synthetic materials such as hydroxyapatite.

    What Is The Process of Bone Grafting

    The process of bone grafting in Troy, MI, is done before implant surgery to replenish the areas with bone loss. It usually takes a single appointment. Before the start of the procedure, we inject a numbing agent to numb the bone and surrounding soft tissues. Our dentist then places a small incision over the gums to access the bony region.

    We will disinfect the area and carefully place the selected bone graft. Our dentist may also cover it with a thin membrane to secure it and facilitate the production of healthy bone. When the procedure is complete, we will close the surgical incision and allow the graft to heal. Our team will schedule a follow-up visit to check your recovery and discuss tooth replacement options.


    Who needs a dental bone graft?
    Anyone with extensive bone loss or insufficient bone thickness can benefit from bone grafting, especially if they are considering dental implants.
    Do I need a bone graft after tooth extraction?
    We may recommend bone grafts soon after tooth extraction to preserve the socket for replacement with a dental implant.
    How long does a bone graft take to heal?
    The healing period usually depends on the type of bone graft. Generally, it may take 3 to 6 months for a graft to heal completely.

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