Restorative Dentistry in Troy, MI

At Integrity Dental of Troy, we utilize advanced treatments to preserve the beauty and functions of your natural teeth. If your teeth become decayed or damaged, we can address these issues with our wide range of restorative dentistry services in Troy, MI. Dr. Viraj Shah is a qualified expert who devises personalized treatment plans to meet the needs of each patient, ensuring they walk back with a satisfied, confident grin.

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    Restorative Dentistry

    About Restorative Dentistry

    Our dental professionals understand the significance of having healthy, natural teeth. Despite the availability of various artificial replacements, nothing can truly replace the functions and aesthetics of a natural tooth. That’s why we emphasize preserving healthy teeth for as long as possible.

    With advanced restorative dentistry in Troy, MI, we aim to repair and restore damaged or missing teeth with high-quality materials. We customize the shade and design of the restoration, so that it blends well with your teeth and offers cosmetically appealing results.

    Our Restorative Dentistry Services in Troy, MI

    Composite Fillings

    If one or more of your teeth have chipped, broken, or decayed, our dentists can repair the tooth structure with tooth-colored composite fillings. We choose a shade of composite resin that matches the closest to your natural teeth and offers a seamless blend. These fillings are durable and last for many years with proper care.

    Dental Crowns

    A tooth that is too damaged to be restored with a filling may require a dental crown. At our dental practice, we provide customized crowns that not only restore your teeth but also improve their aesthetics. These crowns completely encase the tooth structure, offering long-lasting protection and preventing further risk of damage.

    Question About Restorative Dentistry

    Dental Bridges

    Losing one or more teeth may lower your self-confidence. If you want a fixed replacement for lost teeth, you can benefit from our custom dental bridges. It closes the gap between teeth and provides a natural-looking alternative for missing teeth. With a dental bridge, you can smile more confidently and enjoy all your favorite foods.


    If you are looking for a convenient and budget-friendly tooth replacement, dentures might be your best option. Depending on your needs, our dentists will decide whether you require a partial or complete denture. We create the dentures using high-grade and durable materials, ensuring they last a long time.

    Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)

    A pulp infection can cause serious pain and sensitivity if left untreated. This is why we recommend root canal therapy to remove the infected pulp and restore your teeth. This treatment can help preserve your natural teeth for longer and prevent the need for tooth extraction.

    What People Say About Us!

    My experience visiting Dr. Shah was great! He was honest, thorough and took all the time needed for my visit. He and his staff treated me like family!

    Kevin Leary

    Dr Viraj Shah and his team are Awesome 👍 highly recommend for any teeth problems. Thank you Dr for makes me feel better. …

    Hemali Shah

    Dr. Shah is amazing! Hands down the best dentist I’ve ever seen. His personality is truly one of a kind. I was seen today for an extraction and he made me feel comfortable.. Read More

    Erika Parton

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