Bi-Annual Dental Exams and Cleanings in Troy, MI

If you wish to maintain the health and beauty of your smile, you must get routine dental checkups for professional oral care. At Integrity Dental of Troy, we offer biannual dental exams and cleanings in Troy, MI, to restore the ideal health of your teeth and gums. During your visits, Dr. Shah will assess your oral health and suggest the best measures to keep your smile as radiant as ever!

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    Why Are Routine Dental Exams Important

    The maintenance of proper oral hygiene requires you to brush and floss your teeth regularly. However, even with diligent care, a thin layer of plaque may build up on your teeth. It can harden into tartar over time, which is difficult to remove with a toothbrush.

    These deposits not only affect your smile but can also increase the risk of common dental issues, including cavities and gum disease.

    That’s why our dentists offer biannual dental exams and cleanings in Troy. At the time of these visits, we examine your oral health, identify potential issues, and address them with prompt care. These checkups also allow us to monitor your oral health over the years, ensuring that it remains in good shape.

    Process of Dental Exams and Cleanings in Troy

    Getting routine dental checkups at our facility is an easy and comfortable process. It begins with a consultation, during which we will discuss your oral health concerns. This is followed by a comprehensive oral exam. We will assess the health of your teeth and gums, looking for any irregular changes.

    If we detect signs of dental issues, such as cavities, gum inflammation, or any abnormal lesion, we will discuss the most effective treatment options to restore your oral health. Our dentist may also take dental X-rays to evaluate the areas that are not visible during clinical examination.

    As a part of preventive dental care, we also offer professional dental cleanings to remove plaque buildup on your teeth. We will gently clean your tooth surfaces, making sure that you do not experience any discomfort. With biannual dental cleanings, you can maintain a sparkly white smile for many years.

    Question About Bi-Annual Dental Exams and Cleanings

    Maintaining Oral Health After Dental Cleanings

    Professional dental care and routine oral care at home go hand in hand. To maintain the results of dental cleanings, it is important to follow proper oral hygiene practices. We recommend brushing your teeth twice daily using a soft toothbrush. Avoid aggressive brushing as it may damage your tooth enamel and gums.
    Using dental floss can also help clean the hard-to-reach areas between your teeth. Our dentist may also suggest some dietary modifications, such as reduced sugar intake, to improve your oral health. With consistent care, you can prevent many dental issues and keep a bright smile.

    What People Say About Us!

    My experience visiting Dr. Shah was great! He was honest, thorough and took all the time needed for my visit. He and his staff treated me like family!

    Kevin Leary

    Dr Viraj Shah and his team are Awesome 👍 highly recommend for any teeth problems. Thank you Dr for makes me feel better. …

    Hemali Shah

    Dr. Shah is amazing! Hands down the best dentist I’ve ever seen. His personality is truly one of a kind. I was seen today for an extraction and he made me feel comfortable.. Read More

    Erika Parton


    1) How Often Should You See a Dentist?

    As per suggested by American Dental Association (ADA), seeing your dentist every six months is best if you require good oral health. However, if your dentist finds issues like cavities or gum disease, they might recommend visiting every three months. It’s best to get personalized advice directly from your dentist.

    2) Are There Risks to a Dental Exam?

    Dental exams come with minimal risks. You might feel a bit of discomfort, but it shouldn’t be painful. Occasionally, your dentist may recommend an x-ray to get a detailed view of your teeth, jaws, and roots, which can help spot problems early on. The radiation from dental x-rays is very low, but as a precaution, they are usually avoided for nursing or pregnant women unless absolutely necessary.

    3) Are Regular Dental Cleanings Necessary?

    Yes, regular dental cleanings are essential. Scheduling a biannual dental exams and cleanings in Troy, MI, helps maintain good oral hygiene, removes plaque and tartar, and allows us to catch any issues before they become serious and expensive. Depending on your specific oral health needs, we might recommend coming in more often.

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