Are Dental Implants Painful?

June 15, 2024

Many people do not like the idea of getting implant surgery even when they know they need one. Even though nobody likes to be in pain, it’s important to know what to expect both during and after the implant surgery. Dental implants are one of the most reliable procedures and are considered the best option to replace damaged or missing teeth. However, you must be wondering if dental implants are painful. Let’s find out!

How Much Pain Should I Expect From Dental Implant Treatment?

It is common for patients to feel pain after dental implant surgery, especially after the effects of the anesthetic have worn off. Soreness in the jaw, surrounding teeth, and gums is a common unfavorable effect of dental implants. Although dental implants are painful a little, it is not as bad as people may have told you. You can reduce the discomfort during dental implant recovery by using to a few easy post-surgical care guidelines.

How Long Does the Pain Last After an Implant Surgery?

A patient may have pain for at least 10 days in the treated area, face, and jaw. Although some swelling is to be expected, the dentist may treat pain and edema with antibiotics and analgesics. The treated area will be healing after 14 days, leaving the patient with no pain. Nevertheless, if the patient is still experiencing pain and swelling after 14 days, they must see a dentist as soon as possible since this might indicate an infection.

What is a Dental Implant Procedure Like?

Depending on how many implants are being fitted, the surgery is normally completed in an hour. Here’s what an implant procedure is like:

  • Dental implants involve local anesthetics, which makes it possible for your dentist to remove gum tissue to expose the jawbone where an implant is drilled and permanently placed.
  • Fortunately, the jaw is devoid of nerve endings, so there is no reason to panic.
  • The pressure may cause you some minor discomfort, but that is all.


Your dentist will give you some painkillers before the procedure, which will assist you in maintaining enough pain relief until the effects of the anesthesia wear off. Here are some measures you can take to heal fast from your dental implant surgery:

  • Apply an ice pack on the outer cheek of the treated area to minimize swelling and pain.
  • Use warm water to gargle to ward off any pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Get enough sleep and rest, meaning no intense workout or heavy lifting.

Remember, you must stick to your dentist’s recommendations, abstain from smoking, and practice proper oral hygiene while recovering from your surgery,


Dental implants are not painful, but the recovery process might be discomforting for a few days. Nobody likes to be in pain, but it’s alright to be in a little pain rather than miss out on a perfect smile. Fix your damaged teeth by visiting us at Integrity Dental and consulting our expert dentist, Dr. Vijay Shah, DDS. Book your appointment today by calling (586) 977-0300.



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